Your Customers’ Goals Are More Important Than Yours with Mat Koenig

We've all been taught to treat sales like a math problem.

If I say X words to Y customers I will get Z sales. But your salespeople aren't robots, and your customers aren't numbers, leads, opportunities or ups. They're all people.

Mat Koenig, today's guest on the Get Ya Some Radio show and author of the #1 best selling S.E.L.L. Changing The Game Forever says we've been going at it all wrong all along and now that we're competing against actual robots, it's time we started using our only remaining superpower...

Our humanity.

"What if we just gave a $%&@! about our people and tried to take care of them," Mat says. "What would happen then?"

We walk around pounding on our chests, puffed up and full of bravado, bragging about how good of a closer we are, but in today's market, most car buyers know pretty much exactly what they want before they walk in the door. We're bragging about closing them, and all we did was manage to get out of the way and let the deal happen.

And even if we are as great as we think we are. Even if we can close anybody on anything. Sell ice water to an Eskimo. If your greatest skill is the ability to talk strangers into giving you money for something they didn't want and don't need, you're not a great salesperson; you're an asshole.

Opening is the new closing.

We have to approach every customer with love and genuine human empathy. Listen to what they have to say. Then help them solve their problems.

It's not rocket science and it's not math.

If you want to be a better salesperson, you need to start by being a better person.

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