Customer Experience Starts Before They Become A Customer with Mike Phillips

Customer experience doesn't start at the front door of your business, and it doesn't end at the cash register.

How your customers experience your business starts the first time they ever hear your name says Mike Phillips of McCloskey Motors, today's guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show.

Whether it's on a radio ad or on a Facebook post, their first impression is forever a part of the customer experience and every interaction from that moment on is a chance to confirm or disprove that impression.

Social media is where they look to check and see if you're really all you say you are, but it's also the world's biggest BS meter. 

Social media has made it easier than ever before for anyone to say anything they want about themselves or their business, but it's also made it easier than ever before for people to call you out if you're not living up to the promises you make.

"You just can't fake it on social media," says Mike.

If you're not genuine, if you're not authentic, if your actions don't line up with your words, you're gonna hear about it.

But if everyone IS on the same page, treating the customers the way the customers want to be treated, social media can work it's magic in your favor. In marketing, 2+2 can equal 5 if you're doing it right.

A lot of business people are looking for a magic bullet. Mike says that for 2018, the magic bullet is getting more repeat and referral business.

And the key to more repeat and referral business is a great customer experience that starts the minute they hear your name, a customer experience that is confirmed with every interaction before, during, and after the sale, a customer experience that's the same online and in real life.

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