Marie White – Changing Your Life In Just 10 Days

The most horrible thing about horrible things is that life goes on whether you're ready to go on or not.

A few years ago, today's guest Marie White was confronted by the terror of every parent's worst nightmare; her toddler was abducted and as the missing months turned into missing years she decided that the only way to live with this tragedy was to live through this tragedy.

She turned her life over to helping others live through whatever is happening in their lives. Her videos have now been downloaded half a million times and she's written 7 books including Changing Your Life in Just 10 Days which you can download for free at

Marie and I talk about getting out of the gate and finding the time and energy to change your life when you don't have the time or energy to change your socks.

We talk about stepping out of our comfort zone because if your goal is worthwhile, you're going to have to step away from what feels comfortable to achieve it.

"Throw back your shoulders, pick up your chin, and walk into the room like you own the place," she says. "And the funny thing is when you do that, YOU DO OWN THE PLACE."

Finally we talk about two primary ingredients that often get left out the equation when we're trying to feel better and change our lives - Sunshine and Laughter.

Go outside, smile and #GetYaSome!

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