Viveka Von Rosen – Rock Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Measuring time in dog years isn't going to cut it anymore. The world spins too fast. We have to measure in social media years now.

The rate of change is increasing according to this week's guest LinkedIn expert Viveka Von Rosen and in social media 6 months is a lifetime.

We talk about the recent changes to  the appearance and functionality of both the LinkedIn website and the mobile ad along with the search and publishing functions of both.

She offers a couple of ninja tricks for boosting the reach and trackability of your efforts on LinkedIn with hash tags and contact info in unique and unusual places.

But most importantly we talk about how the purpose isn't to reach the greatest number of people. The purpose is to reach the people who are buying into your message.

Engagement trumps reach.

Whether your tribe is 10 or 10,000, there's a pew for everyone.

Keep preaching!

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