Tony DiRico – Are You Hiring Tigers or Trying to Send Sheep To Tiger School?

You can't fit a square peg in a round hole, you can't train a sheep to be a tiger, and you can't build a winning team hiring the right person for the wrong job.

Tony DiRico came over "on the boat," as my wife's Grandpa used to say, and on this episode of the Get Ya Some Radio show Tony talks about his path from immigrant laborer to 4 Star Maitre Day to CEO of one of the largest hospitality chains in America.

Are you hiring Tigers or trying to send sheep to Tiger School? @TonyDirico @TerryLancaster 

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He tells how 85% of all success is just showing up with a good attitude ready to work.

And how almost all of the other 15% depends on you showing up to the Right Job.

We discuss the astronomical costs from turnover caused by hiring the right person for the wrong job.

We talk about how the 1980 Miracle on Ice Hockey Team was one of the defining moments in my life and about the tool they used to put the right players in the right roles.

And we get down to brass tacks and talk about the real reason Terry Lancaster is an entrepreneur today. I never had any choice.

At the end of the show. Tony makes a ridiculously generous free offer to help you improve your hiring success rate.

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