Jim Bob Howard -Building Bridges & Breaking Down Barriers

Connecting is about finding ways to help people often by introducing them to someone else who can help @JBHoward

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Your first sales manager told you this on your very first day as a salesperson. Alec Baldwin's uber sales trainer character in Glengarry Glen Ross practically punched through the chalkboard as he emphasized this golden rule:

Always Be Closing. A. B. C.

Jim Bob Howard thinks the ABC's of sales have changed and today's rule is Always Be Connecting.

You can't build a relationship with your customers without having a conversation, but too many sales conversations are just salespeople listening for a buying signal so they pounce. A.B.C.

Jim Bob says connecting is about actually listening to what the real live human being in front of you is saying and then helping to solve that problem either by building a bridge to a solution or breaking down a barrier... even if you're the barrier. 

There may be no I in team but Jim Bob says the two most important letters in Networking are I - Introductions and Invitations.

He's also got some great advice about where to stand at networking events and how to avoid the creepiest 5 words in business networking - "So what are you wearing?"

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