The Competition Isn’t Your Competition; The Noise Is with Steve Woodruff

Did you ever meet someone and ask them what they do, then listen intently for 5 minutes while they explain that they "strategize synergies in algorithmic optimization across vertical marketplaces with an emphasis on team cohesiveness, functionality, and productivity"?

What the what??

In today's episode, I chat with Steve Woodruff about why that happens, why it's important to cut through the gobbledygook, and exactly how to do just that.

Steve is the King of Clarity and a bonafide expert at cutting through the clutter to make yourself understood.

Steve talks about the basic mistake people make when they set out to explain what it is they do. This simple miscalculation causes the simple, concise, perfectly clear message they hear in their head to come out sounding like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons  - wha wu waw whe wah whu whon.

We talk about breaking down our expertise into "hashtags" to help our audiences search, sort, and find that information when they need us... or when they meet someone who needs us.

We all know how important referrals are for keeping our pipeline full. But people can't refer us if they can't actually understand who we help and how we help them.

Clarity makes you referral ready and helps people "pass the baton" to the right prospects at the right time.

And we talk a little about our #1 Best Selling Book - Unstuck: 10 Proven Strategies for Breaking Through the Barriers to Small Business Growth.

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