Give Your Brain A Break With Bruce Langford

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it," Ferris Bueller.

Bruce Langford of Mindfulness Mode​ joins us on this episode to talk about how we can train our brain to not miss life.

We talk about how job performance is intricately related to job satisfaction and your overall level of happiness in general. And how your happiness in general is intricately related to your ability to be fully present in this moment... the here and now.​

​We talk about using a daily meditation practice to improve your mindfulness, your presence, your ability to focus, and your ability to reach flow, the natural state of peak productivity.

Whenever I mention to other people that I meditate daily, almost invariably the first thing they say is "I could never get my brain to turn off like that." Bruce solves that problem with a quick and easy answer.

Don't even try. Just give your brain a break.

Meditation isn't about controlling your thoughts, it's about being aware of your thought processes and learning to not let your thoughts control you.

Bruce discusses how outsourcing the parts of your job that you find stressful and less enjoyable can help you maintain your state of flow and peak productivity.

We dive deep into how your attitude and mindset affect your job performance and your relationships and how a quick couple of moments of mindfulness can drastically improve your mindset and your attitude​.

Bruce wrap things up with a quick lesson on How to Meditate for those who have never given it a try​.