Brynne Tillman – Attract, Teach & Engage Your Customers on LinkedIn

Some people use LinkedIn as an online resume... and that's ok.

Some people use LinkedIn for lead generation and some use it to build their personal brand... all valid uses.

But this week's guest, Brynne Tillman, uses LinkedIn as her own personal Serengeti, stalking big game and getting deals done.

In this episode she shows us how to dig into your connections and your connections' connections to find the perfect prospects for your business. Then she shows how to reach out and engage them in honest-to-goodness, real life conversation without pitch puking all over them as soon as we open our mouths.

Brynne talks about her new book, The Linked​In Sales Playbook: A Tactical Guide to Social Selling and how you can get your copy along with 11 bonus social selling webinars.

Yum Yum. Get Ya Some.

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