Eco Arts Living Podcast

Terry Lancaster Eco Arts Living Podcast

I love this podcast! Eco-Arts Living is about the lives we want versus the lives WE CREATE for ourselves. We spend too much time focusing on what we don’t have the time to do, the skill to do or the money to do. Life is about making the time, finding the space and doing your best.

Eco-Arts Living is about interconnectedness and how our choices affect the world around us. When we are incomplete those around us feel it. When we don’t make the best personal choices we teach our children to neglect themselves. When we treat the world with disrespect we deny ourselves and others a brighter future.

Eco-Arts Living is about living with whole-heartedness and meaning. About sharing your vulnerability to gain strength. About loving yourself unconditionally and letting go of the self chastising.

Life is what’s handed to us and living is what we make of it!

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