Why It’s a Good Thing You Didn’t Win the $1.5 Billion Lottery Jackpot

lottery winner

If you’re reading this sentence, you’re probably not on an island in the South Pacific, sipping Mai Tais while tiny little goldfish nibble on your feet keeping your formerly sandpaper like skin silky smooth. Which means you didn’t win the billion and a half dollar lottery last week. Neither did I.

In fact, my wife and I had two tickets and failed to match a single number on either ticket. There ought to be a prize for that. What are the odds anyone’s luck can be that bad? Of course, it could be that we’re the lucky ones for not winning.

70% of all lottery winners are broke within 5 years.

And you don’t have to search very hard to find dozens of horror stories from winners who say that it was the worst thing that ever happened to them or at least they would say that, you know, if they weren’t dead.

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