Exercise More: Get Up And Do Something

If you’re not currently leading an active lifestyle, then getting up out of the chair, off the couch, away from the screen and moving around, doing almost anything else just a tiny bit more than you’re up out of the chair, off the couch, away from the screen and moving around, doing almost anything else, now is probably the easiest most effective tweak you can make to your life.

The biggest bang for your tweakin’ buck!

There’s an economics joke (Now there’s any oxymoron!) that describes lotteries as a tax on stupid people. But the economists need to double check their math. I’m no mathematician, but I know that any chance, no matter how small, no matter how astronomically stacked the odds are against me… Any chance is better than no chance at all.

Some is better than none.

You gotta play to win.

Dropping a buck on a chance to win a few million bucks is a no brainer. And dropping that first buck improves my chances INFINITELY over not having any shot at all. Dropping that first buck, taking the first step, is a game changer.

The same thing goes for exercise.

I’ve got a newsflash for you. your couch is perfectly capable of holding itself down on the ground. It doesn’t need your ass parked on it 24 hours a day to keep from floating off into space. You’re not doing it any favors just sitting there, and you aren’t doing yourself any favors either.

You can start building a dramatically better life today just by limiting the amount of time you spent with your ass in a seat and your face in a screen to no more than 23 and a half hours a day,

Here’s what 30 minutes a day does for you from the get go:

Reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue. Reduces pain. Reduces your chances of debilitating injury. Cuts your risks of developing diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, many cancers and heart disease.

That’s universal health care!

If the government and the big insurance companies were serious about improving health care in this country, someone would be trying to find away to get America moving…. literally.

I’m not talking about building a home fitness center, joining classes, or running a marathon.

I’m talking about just getting up off you hiney and doing something, anything! For 30 minutes a day.

Take a walk around the block, dance around your office, do the dishes by hand, park on the other side of the parking lot.

Being active for 30 minutes a day gives you amazing health benefits are nothing short of miraculous and yet they pale in comparison to the changes it can make in the way you feel.

I know you’re tired when you get home from work and you’re too busy during the day to actually get up off your ass, but I guaran-damn-tee you, that if you’ll push yourself to get up and move, you’ll not deplete your precious energy. You’ll create more!

If you’ll take the time out of your day for just a tiny little bit of exercise, you’ll make more time by getting more done, being able to focus better and being more productive. You’re not wasting your precious time, you’re investing in your own efficiency.

You are designed for motion. And being in motions helps keep the machine in tune.

But most importantly being in motion just 30 minutes a day will make you happier.

Being even just slightly more in shape than you are now will put some spring in your step. You’ll just plain feel better. You’ll look better. You’ll BE better.

And that will make you happier,

Some is better than none and a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Get to steppin’