What People Are Really Saying About Terry Lancaster

Terry Lancaster provided a fun and informative way to maximize your prospects through social media. I would recommend his teaching strategies to everyone who wants to succeed in the digital marketplace.
Jim Gray
 Parks Buick GMC

Terry Lancaster's seminar breaks down social media marketing in a simple way that is easy to follow and gets results.

Shawn Long
Miracle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

I've been dealing with Terry for years! He's always provided ads with a “wow” factor. I highly recommend any form of advertising he deals with!! Keep up the good work!!!
Michael J. Watcher 
 Mike Watcher Used Cars

I enjoyed Terry's session at the Innovative Dealer Summit in Denver. He offered real-world, real-life things that salespeople can do right now to see a lift in business

Mike Phillips
McCloskey Imports
Terry Lancaster did more to motivate me than 50 years of books and motivational presentations. He made me turn the key to get my motor running for the long journey, not the quick trip to the corner.
Bert Copeland 
On Google

Terry Lancaster has a knack for making business skills understandable. He is full of ideas and methods for growing your business.

Rob Zachritz
Terry Lancaster is an awesome coach because he is an awesome human being who wants everyone who wants to change, to have direction, insight and inspiration.
Cathy Nesbit 
Harry Robinson Buick GMC

Terry is one of the most engaging speakers with whom I had the pleasure of working.

Barbara Roos
National Automobile Dealers Association

Terry Lancaster wants to sell you on just one thing: YOURSELF.
Blaine Little 
On Amazon

Terry truly is a personal branding expert who help all of us add several more stars to our list of accomplishments and launch our book to a #1 best seller in its category on Amazon.  

Jim Bob Howard
#1 Best Selling Author
Terry's a great presenter and super resource. His approach to marketing, sales, and relationship building is applicable to YOUR business.
Sherman Mohr 
On Google

Terry did a phenomenal job recently organizing and launching our book on Amazon. A great "cat-herder" of multiple people to ensure that a common goal is reached!

Steve Woodruff
#1 Best Selling Author
Terry Lancaster cares about people and is very passionate about helping others improve their lives.
Kinny Landrum 
 Toyota of Bowling Green

Terry was instrumental in ensuring our book made it to Amazon and the marketing campaign that was the engine for creating our #1 bestseller.

Kayla Barrett Curry
#1 Best Selling Author
Terry is an amazing speaker. If you want someone to capture your audience's attention, give them great value, and show them tons of support along with ideas and tips they can implement, you need to hire him to speak for you or your company.
Laurie Delk 
On LinkedIn

Terry did an exceptional job as keynote speaker at the #LiveALittle Symposium. Terry is not only an energetic speaker but also an inspiring person. Honest, forward thinking and strong motivator. He denotes a lot of passion and willingness for his, and others, personal development.

Joey Little 
On LinkedIn

The best personal and professional development book since Dale Carnegie.

David Newman 
On Amazon

A humorous, no-nonsense, suck-it-up dose of reality, Terry makes you want to be better without making you beat yourself up for the YOU of today!

Stacey Lea 
On Amazon
The premise is really very simple, almost profound. It amazes me that no one has ever taken his approach to self help before.
Ron Morse 
On Amazon

Terry Lancaster has written a great antidote to the cultural poisoning that has left far too many people overweight, unhealthy, in excess debt, and lonely.

John Chancellor 
On Amazon

What a crazy ride! This is a self-help book that's actually fun to read.

Joanne Eckton
On Amazon

By far the funniest self-help book I've ever read!

Kelly Rosenberg
On Amazon

Filled with the wisdom of experience, self-deprecating humor, and a refreshing awareness of how human psychology actually works, BETTER! is destined to be the last self-help book you will ever need.

Thomas Fiffer
On Amazon

Terry provides sound, realistic, doable advice and is pretty darn funny in delivering it.

Sally Ulianich
On Amazon

Such a refreshing change from the usual self-help motivational information out there.

Theresa Adams
On Amazon

The format of this quirky and realistic guide to bettering yourself is unlike any I have ever read before. It's chock full of surprising facts, insights, entertaining stories and simple techniques; you just might put it down for those suggested few minute intervals to actually do what the author has done himself; improve on yourself a little at a time without feeling as if you have to take the weight of the world and place it on your shoulders.

KC Trama 
On Amazon

No magic fairy wands or false promises - just sage advice about how you can make small changes to improve your life right now.

Wendy Scott 
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The best self-help book of the year. This book is funny, fast-paced, entertaining and it really makes you get off your butt and do something about your life.

Shirley Yirmeyahu 
On Amazon

BETTER! Self-Help For The Rest of Us is the real deal. It's truly the way self-help should be formulated - practical and implementable.

Marion Chamberlain 
On LinkedIn

Terrific advice from a true expert: Start small, start where you are, start with tiny things you can accomplish today, work on incremental improvements, get 1% better with regularity, with consistent applied efforts.

Pat Helmers 
On LinkedIn

Terry Lancaster has come up with a deceptively simple plan for improvement, and it's the simplicity that makes it work. Down to earth and easy to follow, he offers great advice that anyone can follow and stick with. Highly recommended.

Strickland Bonner
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