Personal Branding Bootcamp – Welcome

Thank you so much for signing up for the 5 DAY PERSONAL BRANDING BOOTCAMP. I'm excited to join you on this big adventure.

I don't know why you signed up, but I'm glad you did. Maybe you're tired of being treated like just another sales monkey. Tired of being treated like a commodity by your customers and a robot by your boss. Maybe you're hoping to attract a better career opportunity or build up a stronger referral network.

Then you are definitely in the right place.

But just so you know, all of the magic happens outside your comfort zone. Buckle up, buttercup. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Bashful salespeople have skinny children - Zig Ziglar

Every morning for the next week, you're going to get an email from me with one simple project for that day that will help you start creating an army of buyers who know, like, and trust you before they've ever even met you.

The important thing is you have to do the work. Reading an email will not do the first thing to make your life or your business BETTER! That's all on you. Do the assignments, and you'll start to change the way the world looks at you, you'll change the way your customers look at you, and you'll change the way you look at yourself.

The story you tell the world changes your world.

I'm going to put you to work early. Before we even get started, you've got two homework assignments:


Drill Sergeant Terry doesn't want to hear any lame excuses about the dog ate my homework or I didn't see that email so right now, while you're thinking about it, go ahead and add T@TerryLancaster to your contact list and if you use gmail, drag this email from the promotions tab into your primary tab.

Those two steps will help make sure that you get the lessons every day without them getting lost in your filters and spam folders.


Your work each day will be posted in the PERSONAL BRANDING MASTERMIND GROUP on Facebook. That's our select community of salespeople and entrepreneurs dedicated to strengthening our personal networks, polishing our online presence, and building deeper, more meaningful, more profitable relationships with our customers.

Please go ahead and request membership now so that we can get you approved in time for tomorrow's lesson.

Once you're in the group, click on the PINNED POST and complete the intro survey:

Why are you most interested in building your personal brand?

That's it. Take care of those two bits of prep work and be ready for reveille bright and early tomorrow. Giddyup!

"Terry Lancaster is an awesome coach because he is an awesome human being who wants everyone who wants to change, to have direction, insight and inspiration."

- Cathy Nesbit, Harry Robinson Buick GMC


As an extra bonus for showing up on time tomorrow, ready to roll, I'm going to give you a copy of my ebook: 7 Big Mistakes That Are Killing Your Personal Brand, Chasing Away Customers, and Costing You Money