Personal Branding Bootcamp Graduation Day

You took the first step and you stuck with it to make it this far. Commencement means this is the beginning, and there's a lifetime of work left to do. But first, no graduation ceremony worth its salt would let you get away without a commencement speech.

You've heard parts of my story this week so now I'm going to tell you...

The Rest of the Story

A few years ago, I was operating my business, working from home in my underwear, flying under radar. I was anonymous. And I was OK with that.

But I discovered that invisible don't pay the bills. I lost tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of dollars when people who wanted to write me checks just couldn't find me.

So I got serious about not being invisible. At the time, I didn't even know the word for it. I just thought of it as personal SEO. I was determined to make Google my bitch. To make sure Google was telling my story the way I wanted it told.

I started using social media for the same reason everyone else did, to gossip about people from high school. Who got fat and bald? Who got divorced?

But with my new focus on not being invisible, I started using social media to connect more with my customers. My clients are scattered all across the US and Canada and I've never met most of them in person. Before I started connecting with them on social media, we were just business acquaintances.

Now we "talk" about our hobbies, our families, our vacations. All the stuff that friends talk about.

They all know that I'm a hockey player and a Nashville Predators fan so when my team is playing their team, we rib each other they way friends do. I lost a bet with a client once and had to wear a Vancouver Canucks sweater in my profile pic for a week. Ouch!

They're not just clients now. They're friends. And since we have more to talk about than just business, they're more interested in talking to me when I call.

Friends want to buy from friends. And a strong social network can turn cold calls into warm calls.

I started writing on my blog, sharing my words with my new friends on social media. That lead to writing in industry publications and that lead to speaking at industry events. One thing lead to another, and now, just a few years later, I've spoken at conventions for the National Automobile Dealer's Association and the National Association of Broadcasters. I've spoken at TEDx. I've been on dozens of podcasts. I've been featured in Forbes, Automotive News and other publications. And I've written a #1 best selling book, BETTER! Self-Help For The Rest Of Us.

All of that happened for one simple reason:

Every step along the way people became more and more willing to listen to what I had to say because more and more it began to look like I knew what I was talking about.

I attracted more customers, more referrals, and more opportunities to myself and my business. Reporters started calling. Podcasters began asking for interviews. Job offers came in. Venture capitalists took me to lunch.

The customers I already had started asking me to help solve bigger problems and as my buddy David Newman says when you solve bigger problems, you get bigger checks.

Through all of that, I discovered the single truest thing I know:

The story you tell the world changes your world.

It changes the way your customers look at you. It changes the way your friends and family look at you. And eventually, if you're telling the right story, telling it well, and telling it often, it will change the way you look at yourself.

When that happens, the world becomes your playground.

"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw

You have all the tools you need, within arms reach of your right now, to create a new version of you. To tell your story far and wide. To create a legend. To become the star you were born to be.

Just be careful as you set off on this road of self creation to be your true, authentic self.

People can spot a phony from a mile away. People can tell. Whether it's at the local Rotary Club or online, people can smell a phony like bad cheese.

As Tyler Durden said in Fight Club, "Sticking feathers up your but doesn't make you a chicken."

Never try to be something you're not, but never, never be afraid to be more of who you truly are.

That's where I can help.

I can help you be more of who you truly are. I can help you find your authentic voice and tell the tale of you. I can help you create deeper, more meaningful, more profitable relationships with your customers. We can build a stronger referral network for you and create an army of buyers who know, like, and trust you before they've ever even met you.

Yes, that means you can make more money. More customers plus more referrals equals more money. Easy Peasy.

But it means so much more than that.

The average person only stays in their current job a few years at most, and the next person who's thinking about hiring you is going to research you online. That's a given. You have the right, the resources and the responsibility to determine what they're going to find.

You can open doors for yourself and attract greater opportunities that you don't even know exist. Opportunities that you can't even imagine right now.

Your story, your online image, your reputation, your personal brand, whatever you want to call it, it can change the trajectory of your life.

I know this, because it's changed the trajectory of mine.

I still work at home in my underwear, but I'm far from invisible.

This will be the last time I'll invite you to take me up on my offer of a 1-on-1 strategy session so we can put a plan in place to make sure that you don't remain invisible, to help you become more of who you truly are.

Of course, I'm not doing this just for the fun of it (although it is a lot of fun).

While I've got you on the horn, I'm going to give you a couple of options on how we can continue to work together, either 1-on-1, in a mastermind group with other salespeople and entrepreneurs becoming more of who they truly are, or with a longer, more detailed email course just like the one you've been working on for the last 5 days.

I don't want to give you the impression that all of these amazing things can happen by magic or osmosis. They don't. It's hard work and you'll never be finished with it.

As long as the story continues, there's going to be another chapter to write.

Schedule your strategy session with me right now, and let's start writing your next chapter.

It's a big wide world out there boys and girls, get out there and Get Ya Some

Terry is not only an energetic speaker but also an inspiring person. Honest, forward thinking and strong motivator. He denotes a lot of passion and willingness for his, and others, personal development.

- Joey Little, AutoAlert


Bootcamp is over. Go forth and conquer.

I have full confidence that you can get out there and do it on your own. You can find what you need on the search engines. Through trial and error, persistence and sheer force of will, you can make this happen.

But that's the hard way.

Schedule a call with me right now and we'll get to work making you an internet star the easy way. With a me as a partner, with my other students as a team, and with a proven system that takes trial and error out of the equation.

I'm no rocket scientist. I'm just a guy who spent years cracking the code for how to dominate Google searches for your name and creating a massive network of willing buyers and enthusiastic referral partners.

I'm offering you the combination.

I also promised you a couple of graduation gifts, didn't I? Here ya go: If you'll take me up on my offer and click the schedule button right now, I'll give a download of my #1 Best Selling book BETTER! Self-Help For The Rest Of Us, because you can't build a better business until you build a better you.

PLUS, I'll give you my PERSONAL BRANDING TOOLBOX. It contains everything I use to tell the tale of Terry - The tools, the technology, and most importantly my personal contacts. Whatever your problem is, I'm sure I know someone who can help. I know people. Let me introduce you.

I only have a handful of complimentary sessions per week, and this is the last time I'll be inviting you to book one. Let's do this thing.