Personal Branding Bootcamp Bonus Day

Thank you for spending your mornings with me this week. I've got one more quick lesson for you before we wrap things up with our commencement celebration tomorrow.

I hope you got the message that creating content is how you train Google and Facebook to roll over and play tricks.

And the very first, absolutely most important type of content that you need to be creating is first-hand customer reviews and testimonials

It's All About Delivering Social Proof

When your customers hear from other people who know, like, and trust you, they lower their defenses and give themselves permission to also know, like, and trust you.

We're herd animals. We follow the pack.

Here's a little 3-part secret strategy for convincing your customers to give you more reviews and testimonials:

1) Asking. 2) Pleading. 3) Begging, if necessary.

Ask and you get. Don't and you won't.

In the spirit of practicing what I preach, we're going to put the system into action right now.

If I delivered any value for you this week, if you got just one little tidbit of info or inspiration that you're ready to put to work telling your story...

Please take 20 seconds and write me a quick review.

I'm asking. I'm pleading. I'm begging you!

2 lines. 50 words. 20 seconds of your time. That's all I ask. It doesn't have to be Shakespeare but it will mean the world to me

Feel free to leave your review on any or all of these sites:

Thank you in advance!​

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"Terry's a great presenter and super resource. His approach to marketing, sales, and relationship building is applicable to YOUR business."

- Sherman Mohr, Shared Spirits


Tomorrow is graduation day and as every high school valedictorian in the history of high school valedictorians has said, it's not the ending just a new beginning.

During the commencement speech, we're going to talk about how the story you tell the world changes your world, and we're going to talk about how sticking feathers up your butt doesn't make you a chicken.

I've got a couple of graduation gifts for everyone who made it through the week so get a good night's sleep and I'll see you bright and early tomorrow ... one last time!