How to be a Big-time Country Music Star with Smilin’ Jay McDowell

“I certainly didn’t look at it like… Oh, we’re gonna play this old timey music, dress funny, and call ourselves this odd collection of numbers and letters, and we’re gonna be the next big thing.” says Jay McDowell, today’s guest on the #GetYaSome Radio Show But that’s exactly what happened. Jay moved to Nashville from small town […]

Why 90% of Sales Isn’t About Sales with Shawn Hays

If you’re standing around the front of the dealership, smoking cigarettes, and waiting on the up bus, Shawn Hays from Dan Cummins Chevrolet has got some news for you: The Up Bus ain’t coming. If you’re waiting on your opportunities instead of creating your opportunities you’re at the mercy of the marketplace, management decisions, the weather, pretty […]

More Sales Through Better Service With Owen Moon

Salespeople love new customers. The bosses love new customers. We spend a lot of time talking about prospecting and conquesting new customers. But there’s an old saying in the car business: “The sales department sells a customer the first car; the service department sells the second… and everyone after that.” Owen Moon, today’s guest on The Get […]

In The End, The Most Human Company Wins with Mark Schaefer

Most internet marketing is based on a big lie, and here it is: I’ll be able to replicate my way to riches, automate my way to greater sales, sit back on the beach with a fruity umbrella drink, and let the money just roll in.  Most internet marketing seeks to eliminate the human factor, but best selling […]

50/50 is a Losing Proposition. It’s All About Them with Bob Burg

Sales isn’t about talking other people into buying something they don’t want or need. That’s called conning. Sales is about finding out what the customer wants, needs, and desires. Then helping them get it, says Bob Burg, today’s guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show.  Bob is the million selling author of The Go-Giver and the […]

What Does It Mean To Be A Salesperson in A Digital Era – Automotive & Real Estate

The robots are coming for your job… or at least your commission! David Cribbs, today’s guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show, has watched the revolution in the retail automotive business and he’s watching it happen now in real estate. Third-parties, vendors, websites, and apps are changing the way business is done, changing the role […]