Stan Peake – Turning Your Worst Adversity Into Your Greatest Asset

“I’m not going to let a perfectly good broken back go to waste,” he told himself as he lay in the hospital bed with no insurance, no money and no plan.Self proclaimed adrenaline junkie Stan Peake climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, hiked the Inca trail, swam in the open ocean with sharks, and leaped off of a skyscraper. Then […]

Viveka Von Rosen – Rock Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Measuring time in dog years isn’t going to cut it anymore. The world spins too fast. We have to measure in social media years now.The rate of change is increasing according to this week’s guest LinkedIn expert Viveka Von Rosen and in social media 6 months is a lifetime.We talk about the recent changes to […]

Good Ol’ Rocky Top & the Undeniable Power of Social Media

When Greg Schiano woke up Sunday morning, life was pretty good.He had a cushy assistant coaching job at a big-time football school making close to three-quarters of a million dollars a year, he had a handful of other big-time football schools bidding for his services, and he was about to quintuple his income. It’s good work […]

Sandy Gennaro – Beating The Drums & Beating The Odds

Leave everyone you meet better off for having crossed your path and accept the unexpected gifts the universe will place along your path in return.I have to tell you when I sat down to speak with journeyman rock and roll drummer Sandy Gennaro, this is not the conversation I expected to have.We talk about Sandy’s […]

Mandy Morris – 30 Days To A More Authentic You

It doesn’t take 10 years to change your life. The change happens the moment you decide to change.Mandy Morris, author of Love – It’s How I Manifest, worked in horrible jobs from junkyards to corporate cubicles. She bounced from one bad relationship to another.And the beautiful life she imagined, dreamed about, and wished for eluded […]

Dave Delaney – Show Up And Follow Up

Grandma told you to never talk to strangers. Grandma was wrong.If you want a relationship, you have to go on a first date. If you want to get a job, you have to go on a job interview. Nobody likes it, but that’s just the way it is. And if you want to meet new […]

Kathi Kruse – Your Passion Attracts Your People

One size fits all may work for discount store sweatpants, but when it comes to sales people and businesses, different gets noticed.Automotive consultant Kathi Kruse and I talk about using your passion to separate yourself from the sea of sameness.Unless you’ve got Super Bowl ad money, you’re going to have to budget yourself. You have […]

Jim Bob Howard -Building Bridges & Breaking Down Barriers

Connecting is about finding ways to help people often by introducing them to someone else who can help @JBHoward Click to Tweet Your first sales manager told you this on your very first day as a salesperson. Alec Baldwin’s uber sales trainer character in Glengarry Glen Ross practically punched through the chalkboard as he emphasized […]

Jeffrey Lipsius – If The Point of Sales Isn’t Selling, What’s The Point?

You’ve never, not once, in your entire career had a customer who woke up in the morning with the burning desire to be sold anything. But buying stuff is fun.Jeffrey Lipsius says the point of sales isn’t to sell anything. You should take it off your business card.The point of sales is to help your customers […]