How To Sell 30 Cars A Month with Fran Taylor

“You don’t get hate mail for being nice.”In a world where the car business is drowning in the alphabet soup of CPC, BDC, CRM, and ROI, Fran Taylor is out there reminding everyone that it’s still just a people business. If you meet enough people, and you’re nice, everything else will take care of itself. “It’s […]

Insert your business into your customers’ lives with JP Ostiguy

Find your people. Invite them over. Give them cookies. There’s your 9 word marketing plan, and that’s exactly what JP Ostiguy is doing at Stouffville Nissan. When JP took the reins at Stouffville Nissan, sales were falling, traffic was non-existent and the marketing coffers were empty. The old plan wasn’t working so he came up with a new […]

Automotive Sales Training / Online Workshop

Tuesday, October 2211:00 am to 1:30 pm (central)Seating is limited. Register now for early bird seating and save $50 ​Get more reviews,more referrals,and more repeat businessby building better, stronger, more authentic relationships – online and in real life.Leads and clicks don’t buy cars. People buy cars. And they buy them from sales people. 97% of car buyers would prefer […]

Social Sales: Reach v. Frequency | Steve Diggs on the #GetYaSome Radio Show

If you want to communicate with, convince, and convert people to your way of thinking… If you want people to smell what you’re cooking… If you want to touch peoples’ hearts and change peoples’ lives… You’re going to need influence. And the influence you have depends a lot less on how many people you reach with your message, and […]

The Sales Power of Authenticity & Mindfulness with Nancy Stevens

“When a person feels validated, listened to, that opens up a whole other way of connection, trust, and rapport. That is huge.” Nancy Stevens, co-author of the “Beauty of Authenticity,” and today’s guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show says we often get so caught up in our own thoughts, worries, and plans that we […]

How to actually reach your customers with Steve Roessler

I’ve got some good news for you. And some bad news.  We’re all more connected than ever before with multiple ways to reach out, connect, and communicate with our customers wherever they are. The bad news is instead of that making it easier to get in touch with our customers, it’s actually harder to engage them. Today’s guest […]

Why Mike Columbus says you should stop selling

Everybody wants to sell more stuff. We’re called salespeople, and that’s the freaking job – Sell. More. Stuff. But if you look up Mike Columbus on The Facebook, it says his job title is Relationship Marketing Advisor. His job description is “creating relationships that last a lifetime” at West Hills Honda in Seattle.  And on today’s episode […]

Salesperson or Media Mogul with Ryan Gerardi

Back in the days of yore, if you wanted to be a salesperson, you packed all your wares in a big black bag, hit the road, and started knocking on doors. Then the telephone made it massively easier to reach as many people in an hour as you could reach all day on foot. Now, the world […]

Bo Sells at Foothill Ford

Customers have driven hundreds of miles, across multiple state lines, past dozen of competing dealerships just to buy from Bo Sells at Foothill Ford. On today’s episode of the Get Ya Some Radio Show, we find out why. Just over 3 months ago, Bo started posting a video on Facebook – Every. Damn. Day. And the results […]

Gap Selling with Keenan

If your customers haven’t already bought what you’re selling and you have to dig into your magic bag of word trickery and whip out some super secret verbal judo to close the deal and make a living, you may be in the wrong line of work. Keenan, author of Gap Selling and today’s guest on the […]