Doug Sandler – Be Nice, Return Your Phone Calls & Tell The Truth

I chat this week with best selling author and all around Nice Guy, Doug Sandler.

Doug is the best selling author of Nice Guys Finish First and co-host of Nice Guys on Business, recently named one of the top 12 business podcast in the multi-verse by Inc Magazine.

We talk about making pivots in your career no matter where you are in your career and how you're much closer to the beginning than the end.

We talk about what it really means to be successful in today's business environment and what it takes to get there.

We talk about the role of authenticity and the mind-boggling power of honest, true, human connections. How your success is almost entirely dependent on your ability to connect and communicate with others.

Finally, we talk about putting in the work, day in and day out, even when it feels like no one is noticing. Do the work, Make the connections. The money will follow.

Doug is giving every viewer a chance to download his program The Nice Guy 30. It's a 30 day system to help you become nicer, more successful, and a better networker

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Twitter: @DJDoug

LinkedIn: Doug Sandler

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