Mark Tewart: Facts Tell. Stories Sell.

According to the NADA, over 70% of all car buyers decided to buy because they liked their salesperson. CLICK HERE to find out how you can make more friends and sell more cars. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Seriously, you're gonna want to get a pen and paper to have handy while you watch this episode.

Best selling author and renowned sales trainer Mark Tewart joins me this week to talk about sales and marketing and how you can't rely on one or the other. Your business demands that you do both.

He talks about salespeople putting on a business owner mentality whether they actually own the business or they're selling for someone else.

He talks about ways to spend more time working ON the business and less time IN the business.

He talks about lead generation strategies that bring you customers while you sleep.

He talks about the fact that people do business with people and how your personal story is your greatest sales tool.

Fact Tell. Stories Sell.

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