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The Miracle of Now.

All around us everything we see, feel, touch, smell, think or imagine exists as tiny bundles of light, particles of energy popping into and out of existence trillions of time a second, suspended in a constant state of indefinity, neither here nor there, neither now nor then, a slurry of possibility, everything that ever was or will be, everything that ever could be or could have been all dancing together side by side until somehow, by force of some scientifically inexplicable cosmic magic trick our being, our essence, our consciousness lights upon this kaleidoscope of the gods and collapses infinity into this brief shining miracle we call Now.

That’s my favorite paragraph in BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us and by pure coincidence (if you believe in that sort of thing), that’s the paragraph that Angus Nelson highlighted and read to his audience on the Up In Your Business podcast this week. Then we break the words down. We talk about the persistent illusion of time, quantum physics and naked yoga… y’all come.

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