Terry Lancaster Personal Branding Speaker

Terry is one of the most engaging speakers with whom I've had the pleasure of working. He will provide your audience real take-home value, making their valuable time and attention worthwhile.

Barbara Roos American Retirement Association

Terry did an exceptional job as keynote speaker at the #LiveALittle Symposium. Terry is not only an energetic speaker but also an inspiring person. Honest, forward thinking and strong motivator. He denotes a lot of passion and willingness for his, and others, personal development.

Joey Little The Live A Little Project

Terry Lancaster takes the subject of branding, makes it an art form and takes it to a whole new level.

Tony D'Urso Revenue Chat

Terry is an amazing speaker. If you want someone to capture your audience’s attention, give them great value and show them tons of support along with ideas and tips they can implement, you need to hire him to speak

Laurie Delk Send Out Cards

Terry leaves you with the feeling that you can do it. Better than that, he leaves you with the feeling that you would be crazy NOT to.

Carol Lynn Rivera Web.Search.Social

Terry provides sound, realistic, doable advice and is pretty darn funny in delivering it.

Sally Ulianich The Live A Little Project


I help salespeople and entrepreneurs build your personal brand, find your authentic voice and tell the tale of you – because the story you tell the world changes your world.

I’ve worked with thousands of business owners, managers and salespeople providing proven strategies for making the cash register ring.

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Keynote Topic

ZERO To Hero Personal-Branding

People buy from people they know, like and trust. This program will help you build an army of potential buyers who know, like and trust you BEFORE they’ve ever even met you.

We were always taught that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That you have to dress for success. In today’s world, your first impression will most likely be online and dressing for success means dominating Google search for your name and making sure your online footprint is telling the story you want to tell.

  • Set Yourself Apart From The Competition
  • Develop Deeper More Meaningful Customer Relationships
  • Attract Greater More Profitable Opportunities.

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“By far the funniest self help book I’ve ever read!”

BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us is about putting aside our relentless pursuit of perfection and just being exactly who we are…only BETTER! One minor adjustment at a time. It’s about focus and flow. And it’s about the science of habit formation. It’s also a little bit about naked yoga and bird poop.

The dirty little secret of the self help business is this:

No book is going to change your life. Only you can do that. But BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us can give you a roadmap and the tools you need to build a better life one minor adjustment at a time.

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